HOWTO replace the xaAES session to a myAES session from the ARanyM/AFROS distribution ?

What is ARanyM ?

ARanyM is a portable Atari Falcon emulator. It can emulate a 68040 processor although the Falcon 040 had never existed (except as a prototype)! Aranym is packaged on Debian so, on my ubuntu distribution, I just had to do:

$ sudo apt-get install aranym
to install aranym.

What is AFROS ?

AFROS is an Atari FRee Operating System designed to run the ARanyM engine. AFROS provides a "ready to use" minimal Atari TOS environnement. Assuming ARanyM is correctly installed on your computer, just unpack the AFROS archive, go in the afros directory and type the following command :

$ aranym -c config
And that's all !

What is myAES ?

myAES is a remplacement for the GEM part of Atari TOS. myAES can run on plainTOS, freeMiNT and even MagiC. It has been written by Olivier Landemarre.

And now ?

We provide a bash script which downloads the last AFROS distribution (currently the 0.9.5), download the last myAES distribution (0.85 + patch) and prepares the AFROS distribution to use myAES instead of xaAES. After dowloading the script, just launch it : after installation from internet, ARanyM will be launched :

$ wget
$ sh
All the stuff is installed in /tmp/afros directory. To relaunch the stuff, just type the following
$ aranym  -c /tmp/afros/config

To finish, it is possible to change the AES in this distribution. In the /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur directory, we have :

% ls -l /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur/mint*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 bereziat bereziat   14 jui 16 11:44 /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur/mint.cnf -> mint-myaes.cnf
-rw-r--r-- 1 bereziat bereziat  118 fev 28  2026 /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur/mint.ini
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bereziat bereziat 5583 jui 16 11:44 /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur/mint-myaes.cnf
-rw-r--r-- 1 bereziat bereziat 5594 jui 16 11:44 /tmp/afros/drive_c/mint/1-16-cur/mint-xaaes.cnf
As you can see, you just have to change the symbolic link mint.cnt to select your favorite AES server.


The script uses the command wget and should run on cygwin and unix systems.


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